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Credit Release
The undersigned indiv. (either a principal of the credit applicant or a guarantor of its obligations) provides this written instruction to Lessor or its nominee/assigns authorizing review of his/her pers. credit profile from a nat’l credit bureau. Such authorization shall extend to obtaining a credit profile in consideration of this application and subsequently for the purpose of update, renewal or the extension of such credit and for reviewing and collecting the resulting acct. A photostat or facsimile of this auth. shall be valid as the original. By signing below, I/we affirm our identity as the respective individuals identified in the related application. The undersigned states that all of the above statements are true & complete and authorizes Lessor to obtain from any source information re: the credit standing of the applicant or guarantors.
*X Title  Date
DSC may require Credit Authorization Form to be signed for credit releases to bank and trades.

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